April 21, 2015

Wrapping It Up

This will be my last post on this site. But fear not! For there will be new posts on a new site.

As I've mentioned before, the 'round-the-world bike tour has come to a close, largely for political reasons. It's a shame that a few powerful people can make decisions that have overwhelmingly negative ramifications for thousands, if not millions, of others, and they can do it on a whim. I feel like politicians' lives aren't affected by their decisions nearly as much as their citizens' are, and that puts some of them out of touch.

At least this time Russia went to war before I made it over there. A few years back, a friend of mine attempted a circumnavigation and was in Georgia at the moment war was declared between Georgia and Russia. He managed to make it into Azerbaijan, but got stuck there until his visas expired, then was sent home.

I've changed gears and I've decided to hike the Appalachian Trail, in large part to promote my new website and app on a heavily populated adventure location. It's also one more thing to scratch off my bucket list.

I haven't been biking so much, but lately I've been running a little bit again. I'm still not nearly in the shape I was in during my string of trail running victories, but I'm not worried about going fast. I'm more concerned with strengthening my joints and toughening my feet.

I'd still like to ride across Eurasia one day, so I can complete a circumnavigation, even if I did it in stages. I guess I'll have to wait until there's peace in all the countries involved. I'd also like to ride a lap around Australia, and after that, I'd probably want to ride across Africa one way or another, just to complete a ride across every continent. Unfortunately, there's no path across Africa that doesn't go through at least one unstable country, so this may never happen.

There's a whole lot more on my bucket list after that. It's a big world out there!

If hiking sounds as exciting to read about as biking, read on. Either way, thanks for reading. Catch you on another adventure.